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RMF Vision

Every family gets the emotional and financial support they need, and cancer is eradicated. 

RMF Mission

To honor Randy McNulty’s memory by sponsoring youth sports programs, vocational trade educational opportunities, families battling cancer in their lives, and research towards the eradication of cancer. 


The Randy McNulty Foundation is a Fredericksburg, Virginia Based nonprofit organization that honors Randy life and ensures his selfless and benevolent spirit remains with us all. 


Established in 2020, the origins of the foundation were born the night of Randy's celebration of life with a group of family sitting around a table, sharing memories about what made Randy special and how they could make certain his legacy in the community lived on. The founding members thought long and hard about Randy's values and the ways in which he served others in his lifetime which are the core of the RMF Mission and Vision statements. 

The Randy McNulty Foundation honors Randy's life and ensures his selfless and benevolent spirit remains with us all.   



The Randy McNulty Foundation directly supports the community and cancer research by raising money to give back to and support youth sports programs, vocational trade education, families caring for a loved one battling cancer, and organizations leading the way in the research to eradicate cancer. 


Randy's Story

Although Randy was taken from us much too soon he made a lasting mark on the world and touched many lives while he was with us. Randy was diagnosed with stage 3 Pancreatic cancer in June of 2018 he fought it relentlessly until the very end. His journey saw him undergo several rounds of chemotherapy and a Whipple procedure at Johns Hopkins Cancer Clinic. True to Randy's nature he continued to work through all of this. Sadly Randy left us on October 1st of 2019 succumbing to the cancer that had over run his body.

Learn more about Randy Here 


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